Surfaces are a potential interface with the void. The void after all, is almost totally about perception, if you perceive the void, then in that moment, you make the void. Surfaces then, construct a relationship between this empty space and you. Paul Virilio argues that the most current revolution we are undergoing is an audio-visual revolution. The internet, computers, screens, these are machines of image propagation, the screen is their essential tool. Without the screen, these voids are outside of reach. Even older voids, such as deep space, come down to us as a blurring of space and time to represent the stars as a flat surface to be looked upon and appropriately divined. The computer screen is of course the same, where images are displayed and archived, so that the prophets of culture and capital may read them much like you read this text now.

Surfaces then are all about perception. Instead of looking at that wall with a perspective of comfort, look at it as the surface of a void. Place your hand against it, attempt to divine the mysteries of the voided space that sits within but also transcendent to this otherwise banal vertical structure, which may be a tree, or a wall, or a face of rock.